To Death or Glory

Chapter One

The Age of Sorrows

It is fair to say that during your life you were an exceptional person, but even the mightiest mortal is powerless against the ageless horrors stalking the land. As a mortal in Creation your power and scope are limited. You could only look on as spirits, gods and exalts brought change to your lands through destruction and deceit. The dragon-bloods use sorcery to shape the earth itself and money to suppress its people. Sidereals use forgotten powers to whisper ancient secrets into the ears of nobles and gods. Spirits and elementals try in vain to replant the forests humanity levels and heal the mountains we hollow out to fuel our greed. You have done all that you can to right the wrongs that plague the people, but you simply are not strong enough to save them all. For very spirit you calm, two go mad, for every Terrestrial you defeat, ten of your own are slain. You fight valiantly against the tide of sorrows that crash against you, but you cannot defeat a tidal wave.

The world is drowning, all that surrounds you is darkness and hate. It envelopes your senses, invades your home, and turns everything it touches black. Evil and selfishness hang so heavy in the air it blocks out all other light until you are alone. A candle glowing dimly in the mist. You have thought of giving up, accepting things for what they are, cowering like your family and friends, but great things are expected of great people. When the endless night is darkest and your spirit is weak, the clouds break and a light reaches you. It fills you with hope, renews your strength, and whispers to you that all is not lost. The world can still be saved, but it must be you who save’s it.

Your time is only just beginning. Ready yourself hero, The Unconquered Sun has returned, and you will bring the light of his justice to the dark places of Creation. Or you will die trying.

Each of you represent an aspect of The Unconquered Sun’s will and grace. He is the mightiest lord of Yu Shan and as his chosen you are the rightful lords of creation, but you cannot rule a fractured land. If Creation is to be saved it must first be united. When he exalted you The Unconquered Sun did not tell you how to accomplish this task, he merely gave you the tools to do so yourself. He has instilled in you a piece of his divinity, a light that lives and breathes inside of you. As it burns and shifts you see glimpses of the lives it has already changed, but these memories are hazy and dance just outside of your grasp. Your journey is long and the task set before you nigh impossible. You cannot be certain who is friend and who is foe, you do not know your own power or the nature of the nightmares you must face. In your heart only two things are certain:

Your journey begins in Nexus.

And your enemies should be very afraid.



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